How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

  • Any house or building requires proper roofing for it to serve its purpose well. After a roof damage, it is only fair that you get your roof redone extraordinarily well. A good roofer gives you the value for your money. A repair should get you good roofing whether from a company or any other organisation.

    The following are ways on how to choose a good roofing company or organisation for your damaged roof:

    Get into contact with more than two roofing contractors
    Let them submit their proposals and learn from them what they can offer as they make an assessment of your roof. Ask them questions and make sure you pay close attention to what each of them recommends. Make your choice on the quality of advice they give and your confidence built in them. It will be advisable to obtain these contractors from friends, family members, reputable trade associations or even from neighbours.

    Look at the prices that they offer
    Do not go to the lowest bidder. Make a comparison of what each one of them is offering and watch out for any costs hidden. Do not hesitate to ask about the materials they would suggest using. Ensure they submit their proposals in writing.

    Check out if the company you intend to hire its services is insured and if it is registered. That includes workers compensation together with liability coverage. Ensure that the insurance covers the period in which they will repair your roof. You can also check out their tax registration number, phone number and even their email address or business website. Ask for the credentials which include the contractor’s registration number.

    Verify the track record of the contractor
    Get a list of the contractor’s recent customers and contact them on the services offered to them. Also, contact your Local Builders Association to find out whether there are complaints that have been lodged against the contractor you wish to consider.

    Check out the operation area of the contractor
    Make sure that their operation is not just locally but that they have a well-established business and reputation in the locality.

    Also, find out how your roofer tends to deal with venting and poor flashing problems as these have posed to be key causes of deterioration of a roof. If these does not feature in his proposal, ask about them.

    Before the work starts, agree on the payment terms
    Be cautious with the upfront payments. Get into it if only you are very confident of what you are getting yourself into. Be careful not to get worth your money.

    Beware of contractors who push you to sign contracts before the insurance company can assess the damage and estimate the damage. It is the responsibility of the roofing contractor to thoroughly examine and check out to confirm that their insurance adjuster did not miss any damage. The estimates of the work should include any oral promises made by the contractor. Ask them if there is any cost for the estimates.

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