5 Questions You Should Ask A Roofer

  • A roof is an important part of the house. It protects you from weather calamities as well as makes the house appear beautiful; among other important purposes. Repairing a roof or completely overhauling one requires that you select a roofing contractor that can meet certain standards.

    Finding the right roofer at times may be a daunting task if you do not know what to look for in a company for hire. In this piece, we explain the 5 questions you should ask a roofer. These are the most basic questions whose answers must be satisfactory.

    1. Are you a licensed roofer?
    In order to legally provide their services, roofing contractors are required to have a contractor’s license; at least in most states. However, many homeowners are oblivious to the fact that some roofers will be quick to say that they have a license when they really don’t. To ensure that the contractor you want to hire is credible, be sure to ask for a license. It will then require you to confirm the eligibility of the license with the right authorities. The license must be up to date and have no violations. Your state will likely require some code requirements in your specific area. Therefore, if the roofer is up to date with the license, you can be sure your roof will be compliant. You will not be held liable for any mistakes committed by the roofer.

    2. Do you have a workman’s compensation and liability insurance?
    When any construction work is being done, accidents are likely to occur. In the unfortunate event that one happens, the homeowner needs to ensure that they are not held liable. This is only possible if the homeowner asks and confirms with the roofer for the workman’s compensation and liability insurance. Know the insurance company and check if the constructor is up to date with its remittances. Without proper insurance, the homeowner will incur the costs and medical bills resulting from the workers’ injuries, if any. This is something you don’t want.

    3. Which is your company and what is your physical address?
    You need to have the company’s physical address and full name. Ask for a physical location if the roofer uses a Post Office Box. Without a physical location, you cannot prove the existence of your potential contractor. With insurance and a license but no physical location, the company would still not be okay to work with. The best option would be to pick a roofer located close to your area. This will save time and resources in case of emergencies or follow-up.

    4. How much experience do you have in roof construction?
    No doubt, an experienced contractor is better. A new company is a no, no if you value your roof. There is no way of judging a new company. Even if the company is believed to have great future prospects, don’t give it a thought. When a roofer has answered all the above questions satisfactorily, it is important to ask for references. Homeowner references will come in handy in this case. A good roofer will offer their references gladly. Local sites where the contractor has worked before are very ideal. It would not be a big deal to pay visits to these homes and have a glance at the work of your potential roofer. Again, care should be taken to ensure that the supposed homeowners are not hired by the roofer to fill you with false confidence. Ask whether they are satisfied by the work done on their roofs or not.

    5. Does your company offer warranties for the roofing work?
    A service rendered by any company should be guaranteed. The warranty duration offered by roofing companies is typically a year. However, some offer warranties which last longer. Often, the materials used are covered by their manufacturers while the work, by the roofer. You should ask what is covered by each warranty. Also, it is important to know the duration of each. If a roofer does not provide warranties for their work, take it as a warning sign.

    These are the 5 questions you should ask a roofer. Their answers are equally important. Therefore, if you have a roof repair or construction work, ensure the roofer answers all the questions and there are proofs for the answers given. Along with accompanying questions, you can be sure of physical and financial safety as pertains to your house.

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