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Residential Services

Our trusted experts will be happy to provide a complete roof repair service for your home or property.

Commercial Services

Commercial roofing services are available at competitive rates. Contact us for free quote today.

Providing the following roofing services

Lead Work

Our lead work on your roofs is done to best work practices. We only work with reliable suppliers and accordingly, more than 90% of the lead we utilise is produced from reused material.

EPDM Rubber Roofing

We repair or replace roof leaks with EPDM rubber roof coating the only choice for an enduring solution. EPDM rubber roofing offers a practical and enduring solution. A proven option to roof replacement.

Chimney Repairs

Do not let your brick mortar to decay, since it will inevitably prompt to a much bigger issue. If you own a historic house, we use materials evaluated for old workmanship and can offer notable mortar colour matching.

Leak Free Guttering

We will supply the fascias, soffits, guttering and downpipes to the predetermined zones in your required colour finish. We source fascias, soffits and guttering upgrades using the best available materials.

New Roofs

Roofs have life expectancy anywhere in the range of five to 60 years. When you reach the point when repairs are not possible on your roof, it provides an excellent opportunity to replace it.

Roof Repairs

Contact us and discover the best help for a leaking roof. We realise that repairing a leaking roof is a specialist service.

Professional Roofing & Guttering Services

If you have a Roofing or Guttering problem, domestic or commercial, and speak to a friendly member of staff!

When your roof becomes old or too much damaged to the extent of leaking, you should make the decision of repair or replace it.

Call the expert roofing services team. To arrange a free inspection to decide the exact state of your roof and provide you with an informed decision price on the real work -, not speculation.

Our Quality


Work Guarantee

We replace, install and repair roofs, leak free guttering, fascia upgrades, flat roofs, repoint brickwork, repair chimneys, soffit upgrades and lead work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does roof repair cost ?

Repairing a roof could be a small job or a big one. If we are talking about replacing a few slipped slates or a couple of broken shingles, a disconnected pipe or broken guttering, then we could be looking at £50 per job. If the job is on a grander scale, then prices could reach as high as £1000.

Does homeowners insurance cover roof repair ?

Roof coverage often depends on the age of the room itself, the area you live in and various other factors. So whether or not roof coverage is included in your homeowner’s insurance package is something you should verify before scheduling a roof job. The fastest way to check on this is to contact your insurance provider.

How much do new roofs cost ?

There is no definitive price for new roofing. Many things need to be considered before a final price can be provided. It is best to speak with a local roofer to find out exactly what those factors are before proceeding. The typical price range is between £3,850 to £7000.

Can gutters be repaired ?

Yes and no. They can only be repaired if you have one or two places that need to be repaired or replaced. If that is not the case, then it would be best just to replace all of your guttering. The reason for this is that it would be immensely cheaper to replace the entire thing than to repair it at various points and risk having a newer more expensive issue arise.

Why upgrade fascias or replace soffits ?

Fascias and soffits are architectural elements found along the eave areas of your roof. They add visual aesthetics to your home and give it a more finished look. They also protect your home’s exterior by keep pests and rodents from being able to nest in your roof. If the fascias or soffits is damaged, then contact the nearest roofer immediately.

How much are chimney repairs ?

A damaged chimney is very dangerous since parts of it can fall into the street and cause serious harm to bystanders. The chimney should be inspected on a regular basis and old one should be replaced. The average price for a chimney repair job is between £250 to £600.

Need A Hand Around The house

Services apply to all areas of Milton Keynes, including Bletchley, Wolverton, Stony Stratford, Olney, Buckingham and Broughton.




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